Diego Sánchez Muñoz

Professional profile

– Clinical management of digestive tract diseases, focusing on Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)  (Crohn´s disease, ulcerative colitis), as well as active prevention of neoplasias of the digestive tract (mainly colorrectal cáncer).
– Expertise in abdominal ultrasound techniques, both diagnostic and therapeutic.
– Expertise in gastrointestinal functional test (breath tests, esophageal manometry, ph monitoring, anorrectal biofeedback,…)
– Expertise in endoscopic skills, including capsule endoscopy, therapeutic endoscopy with high dedication to techniques under fluoroscopic control (ERCP, Stents placement, dilations,…)
– Expertise in managing endoscopic weight loss techniques such as intragastric balloon, POSE method, Endosleeve – Apollo method).
– Expertise in diagnostic, and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound, with experience in implantation at high volumen hospitals.

Most outstanding activities in Specialized Medical Training

University Specialization in Endoscopic Digestive Ultrasonography University Specialization

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

University Specialization in Clinical ManagementUniversity Specialization


Bachelor and Doctorate

Doctor Specialist in Digestive System Specialty

Hospital Universitario de Valme – Sevilla

Graduate in Medicine and SurgeryBachelor's degree

Universidad de Sevilla


  • More than 100 accepted abstracts to regional, national and international meetings, having received some awards to the best abstract.
  • 35 publications in national and international journals of Gastroenterology, with a global impact factor > 100 points.
  • 15 book chapters of topics related to Gastrointestinal diseases.

Awards, Languages:

  • Best resident doctor award at Valme University Hospital (2001-2005).
  • Clinical trials investigator.
  • Spoken and written English.
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