Multidisciplinar Endoscopic obesity treatment Unit

Obesity is a major health problem worldwide. Its incidence is increasing considerably at any age, in both sex, and in such áreas, in an exponential manner. It is a silent health problem, worsened with the poor appreciation of the general population who does not associate obesity with medical problems.

The real life is that overweight and obesity shorten life expectancy, and collaborate to diseases grow, like diabetes, hypertension, low fertility and many others, as well as increases cardiovascular risks and bone problems.

On the other hand, weight loss achievement and maintenance is not an easy to reach goal, and many attemps to carry out diets, mainly at long term, fail. Help and work become necessary since long term maintenance of weight loss is mandatory.

In this context, we have developed a multidisclipinary Unit for the endoscopic treatment of obesity. It is formed by gastroenterologist, psychologist, nutritionist and endoscopic specialized nurses who, with joint work, are able to offer diverse focused therapies to lose weight and, mainly, to establish bases for cognitive changes necessary for weight loss maintenance.


Endosleeve Method (Apollo™)

What is the Apollo Method?

Endoscopic Gastric reduction consist of suturing the stomach Wall using an endoscopic device, being able to reduce the gastric lumen avoiding neither the need for external incissions nor open surgery. This endoscopic method reduces postoperative recovery periods compared to “traditional” bariatric surgery, allowing a quick reincorporation of the patient to his/her daily activities, and also does not alter the external aesthetic image, since external scars does not exist. The indications of this method are well established in patients with premorbid obesity (body mass index between 30 and 40 kg / m2).

Follow up

As well as with the intragastric balloon method, the achievement and maintenance of weight loss goal is given by the follow up with a multidisciplinary team.

Doctors of the Unit of Exception and Obesity

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