Nutrition and Dietetic Counselling

At Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic we offer you a a department specialized in Dietetics and Nutrition, in order to help patients with nutritional needs, such as special diets for different types of diseases (high cholesterol, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes …), allergies or food intolerances (gluten, lactose, fructose…), to obtain  targets regarding wellness. We are also specialized in weight loss therapies.

A balanced feeding is the key to be able to enjoy a good health and from Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic we will make it easier for you.

You will be attended by  professionals in the field of Nutrition, who will  accompany you during the whole process so that you can achieve your goals and also will help you inthe incorporation and consolidation of healthy habits in your daily life.

We make the phrase ours  “your food is your best medicine”.

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