Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic

Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic is a facility that focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system. We provide a multidisciplinary team of professionals to guarantee a complete, rapid and effective attention to our patients.

Institute of Digestive Specialities

Likewise, Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic is part of INEDI (Institute of Digestive Specialities), a group with a consolidated professional experience in the study of gastrointestinal diseases in different southern spanish cities like Sevilla. The location of our Clinic in the center of Algeciras, makes us a reference for the whole region of “Campo de Gibraltar” and Ceuta.

Instituto de Especialidades Digestivas INEDI

``One of our premises is to invest in health through the promotion of prevention``


Innovation and up to date

At Dr. Sánchez Muñoz Clinic we strive for innovation and stay up to date in the different aspects of Digestive diseases. We invest in state of the art equipment in order to offer our patients updated quality attention. We try to go a step ahead with continuous training in our Speciality. This way, our Clinic has turned into a trust worthy place for many people needing specialized medical care. We feel proud of being part of the history of many patients who have improved their quality of life.

Obesity is a global health problem, with figures that continue to rise, at any age, in both sexes and according to which areas exponentially.

— Dr. Sánchez Muñoz

Summary of services

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